A theoretic way of saying what’s Sport Marketing, i would say, it is a way of complementing activities that they have been design to arrive in the desire & needs of consumers of sport goods in an exchange process.

Is the application of techniques & tools of Marketing into Sport industry.

Philip Knight, CO- FOUNDER & CEO of Nike until 2004, was one of the founders of Sports Marketing, as he started signing millionaire contracts within athletes and Nike. More than 30 years after, other industries joined sponsoring Sports Industry we can find car industry with Rafael Nadal, champagne in motor sports, luxury watches in Tennis, banks at Formula 1 or Teams like Scuderia Ferrari, etc. all this companies they are investing millions of dollars, winning a huge worldwide impact.

There are two types of this Sport Marketing:

  1. Promotion of Sport Events & Entities.
  2. Diffusion of brands or products through Events & Entities.

They have differences within; is not the same to promote and event like World Basketball Championship in Japan than take actions into the Event to promote brands, etc. They both work together tho.

About Sport Marketing & Values I believe has to go together in a way of thinking; Sports with Entities establishing a common communication strategy. Values one of the keys to be stronger against your competitors.

Something to add at SPORT MARKETING MIX is; a plan, packaging, positioning & perception.

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