From all those people who are lovers of Sports; from this little boy/girl supporting the basketball team of their school to the ones we suffer every time we watch our team pursuing the win in Tv or even going to the Stadium to support them. Now we playing a big game against, Covid-19.

Since we suffering the Covid-19, lots of Sport events they been cancelled worldwide, Cycling, UEFA Champions League, NBA, Football Eurocup 2020 post to 2021, Masters 1000ATP, MotoGP, etc. etc. any of this sport events where involving athletes, workers and fans in risk to be infected by the virus, now is time to be safe and take care of ourselves, stay with family, friends and being respectful with the measures governments are taking to keep your country safe, lets all work together with positive emotional thoughts to keep cool our physical and mental health to win the game that Covid-19 is playing with us and come back to our society stronger, remember we play at home we all together.

Is time to THANK YOU and show our SUPPORT, to all the medical services are working to stop this massive virus coming into our lives, THANK YOU, you doing such an effort to win this fight with all your knowledge, passion and also, risking yourselves to be infected to kill this virus and have us in a good mental and physical health condition.


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