We haven’t been around for a while as we have been trying to keep motivate enough to survive this scenario we are in so, here is a little recap of what i have been involved myself.

As the pandemic haven’t been too helpful for events organisers in April i had the idea of making a Home Event relating sports with the lockdown we had. People was running on their houses 1k, 3k and 5k distances to keep motivated and stay strong and healthy practising some sport.

When the lockdown finished *here in Barcelona, Spain, i thought even we could not compite facing another athletes we would have the option doing it in virtual/online mode so i thought it would be great to set up a platform where runners and brands could get in touch each-other. Runners competing our events and brands having a different manner to be announced.

I set up in June, the Global Challenge, this event consisted in running from anywhere you were the distances of 1k, 5k and 10k, we had 2 collaborators/sponsors SouthernRunners and Derrunning.net, 50 runners joined the event in more than 20 locations, Spain, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Philippines.

In July we were back with a second edit, Global Challenge 2.0, also you could run from anywhere but distances where 5k, 3k, 1k, we increased to 4 collaborators/sponsors SouthernRunners, Derunning.net, Siroko and SportNutrition, we had 60 runners from Spain, England, Denmark and France.

In August, “holidays time in Europe”, we set up a PlayOffs final with 32 runners from Spain and England, having EagleSocks, Derunning.net, SportNutrition, SouthernRunners and Siroko as Sponsors/collaborators. This event was set by elimination rounds until we reached a Final Four.

From September 17th until December 23rd we set up the Virtual Running League, with 7 races in the calendar, 10k, 5k and half-marathon distances, you could run by teams or in your own, 58 runners in 16 teams we had participating, running in more than 25 different locations. A League with points format for each division in individual and team mode. Here we increased the quality of them cause of the improvement in Sponsors, races and runners. We had trophies and medals for podium and the team winner, also prizes from Sponsors at the end of the league and challenges along the event if you improve your results as athlete. We were, Derunning.net, Hidratacion Deportiva, Sural, SpherePro, BeUrbanRunning, VitaminWell, Running_es, CrownSportNutrition, Nutritape_Bcn, Kinetrainings and Trtraining_hc as a collaborators/sponsors.

The most important we take from all this advances is, the community created and what sports can do even in the pandemic pic we are.

We are proud the work done and look forward to announce our next project.

If you like to know more about our next project -> please follow us on -> Instagram and train with us at our Strava Club

Thanks for reading, wish you had a very nice Xmas and Happy New Year

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