Sports Vs Covid-19

Still at home watching by the window how Covid-19 progress into our lives, Italy, Spain, (Barcelona, where I live) and more than 190 countries having the virus coming into their houses but, somehow seeing how the world (everyone going the same direction) forgets about colors, ethnicities, rivalry and help each other to stop the virus. HELP, doesn’t understand about differences when it’s need. Athletes, sports … Continue reading Sports Vs Covid-19


From all those people who are lovers of Sports; from this little boy/girl supporting the basketball team of their school to the ones we suffer every time we watch our team pursuing the win in Tv or even going to the Stadium to support them. Now we playing a big game against, Covid-19. Since we suffering the Covid-19, lots of Sport events they been cancelled … Continue reading Fans


Did you know, that in 8th Century BC, it happened the first Sponsorship when greek merchants were offering economic help to athletes to increase their sales relationships? Crazy right. Back on the days they already had the same thoughts about how to get visibility and notoriety of their brands “here i am”, generate traffic “this is me” and sales “people buying their product”, one of … Continue reading Sponsorships

Tactics to find Sponsorship

Is very difficult to identify and reach the right Sponsor to fit into your project. There are different companies lines to follow and reach the right one so, here our question. What are some of the most successful tactics you utilize to get Sponsorship? We give you some tips we use, we hope they help you and if you have anyother tactic, please share with … Continue reading Tactics to find Sponsorship

Slam Dunk Contest

We all followers of NBA wait each year to see the ALL-Star Game and 4 days ago we had the opportunity to see the exhibition of NBA athletes to us, the supporters. It is an incredible show and, how can someone leaps over 7ft 5 (2,26 m) and not win the contest? What do you think are the lines judges follow in a Slam Dunk … Continue reading Slam Dunk Contest

Sport Values

Premier League Clubs are charging up to 700$ to children to enjoy the experience of being mascots for games. For a child walking out in front of their favourite club home stadium alongside of their heroes is a dream, so well, now became a privilege for some children in Premier League. Where are the values of this Clubs? We understand Sport is a Business but … Continue reading Sport Values

What is Sport Marketing?

A theoretic way of saying what’s Sport Marketing, i would say, it is a way of complementing activities that they have been design to arrive in the desire & needs of consumers of sport goods in an exchange process. Is the application of techniques & tools of Marketing into Sport industry. Philip Knight, CO- FOUNDER & CEO of Nike until 2004, was one of the … Continue reading What is Sport Marketing?

Kobe Bryant “Mamba”

A sad news started early Sunday, i was expecting to rest watching some Sport events online. How did it go on NBA today, news from FC Barcelona, La Liga (Spanish League), if it was any news about the new F1, Australian Open and suddenly pop up on my phone, “Kobe Bryant passed away in an helicopter crash…” OMG. My body was shacking, I forgot about … Continue reading Kobe Bryant “Mamba”

Ambush Marketing

When was date of birth of this category of Marketing? Let me put you in situation. ADIDAS born in 1920, its first appearing Sponsoring was in the Olympic Games of Berlin 1936 >wining 4 gold medals because the athlete Jesse Owens was wearing ADIDAS running shoes. After that, they realise how much important was to relate their brand to top athletes and also, the huge … Continue reading Ambush Marketing

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