Sports Vs Covid-19

Still at home watching by the window how Covid-19 progress into our lives, Italy, Spain, (Barcelona, where I live) and more than 190 countries having the virus coming into their houses but, somehow seeing how the world (everyone going the same direction) forgets about colors, ethnicities, rivalry and help each other to stop the virus. HELP, doesn’t understand about differences when it’s need.

Athletes, sports organizations making donations & fun raising money to help their medical system in the countries where they act. Here in Barcelona best soccer player of all time Lionel Messi & best world coach Pep Guardiola donate 1 million € each for a hospital and lab to make better their moves into the Covid-19 pandemic war, I have seen also Gerard Pique (FCBarcelona player), Fernando Alonso (MotorSport) joining this campaign where Pau Gasol (NBA) & Rafael Nadal (Tennis no2.) are working in a fund raising hand to hand with Red Cross at slogan “We want to get our best victory” here in Spain. Is time to be all together.

Is so nice seeing athletes and sport organizations are helping in this situation happening worldwide with the economic power they have. And us in the social media sharing positives vibes to stimulate happiness the much we can which is one of the main reasons to have your immunologic system ready for any inconvenience. So, while you are at home, stay connected with people you love, keep your mind busy, do some exercise (you can join some sport home challenge like 3/5/8/10k home run at, learn cooking in better level as you do… 🙂

We all hoping will arrive soon at some point to have it under control but; Remember:

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Kobe Bryant “Mamba”

A sad news started early Sunday, i was expecting to rest watching some Sport events online. How did it go on NBA today, news from FC Barcelona, La Liga (Spanish League), if it was any news about the new F1, Australian Open and suddenly pop up on my phone, “Kobe Bryant passed away in an helicopter crash…” OMG. My body was shacking, I forgot about all the rest and went into that news, confirmed. Kobe Bryant one of the greatest players in history died, at 41. Just 41, with lots of things to do in life yet, retired of basketball 3 year before.

He was an example to everybody because of his pure values, always focus to be better person & athlete, leadership, competitive, motivational, inspiring people, confidence, always sharing his passion, loving people and learning from others. You are a Legend and you will be always in our heart “Mamba”.