Slam Dunk Contest

We all followers of NBA wait each year to see the ALL-Star Game and 4 days ago we had the opportunity to see the exhibition of NBA athletes to us, the supporters. It is an incredible show and, how can someone leaps over 7ft 5 (2,26 m) and not win the contest?

What do you think are the lines judges follow in a Slam Dunk Contest to score and rank the 16 dunks?

Do you think Aaron Gordon was robbed? Many people thinks hell yea, what you think about?

Also, if you were Aaron Gordon and feel you have been robbed, would you give up not playing again the Slam Dunk contest in 2021? Or Will see this as another opportunity to do it better next time?

Kobe Bryant “Mamba”

A sad news started early Sunday, i was expecting to rest watching some Sport events online. How did it go on NBA today, news from FC Barcelona, La Liga (Spanish League), if it was any news about the new F1, Australian Open and suddenly pop up on my phone, “Kobe Bryant passed away in an helicopter crash…” OMG. My body was shacking, I forgot about all the rest and went into that news, confirmed. Kobe Bryant one of the greatest players in history died, at 41. Just 41, with lots of things to do in life yet, retired of basketball 3 year before.

He was an example to everybody because of his pure values, always focus to be better person & athlete, leadership, competitive, motivational, inspiring people, confidence, always sharing his passion, loving people and learning from others. You are a Legend and you will be always in our heart “Mamba”.